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We are results-driven
marketing strategists.

We are a digital marketing agency with a high focus on return on investment. Bridges Strategies is a digital marketing agency serving the world from Oklahoma City. Our comprehensive services include inbound marketing, web design using Growth Driven Design principles, digital advertising and Hispanic marketing

How Did Bridges Strategies Get Started?


Image-Circle-jake-fisher-1Back in 2012, Jake Fisher and Ashley Quintana founded Bridges Strategies over lunch at Charleston's in Oklahoma City. Back then, we were called Bridges Advertising.


Jake was leaving a career in traditional media sales management for local Spanish language TV and radio outlets, and Ashley was the marketing manager at a regional construction company, just a few years past completing her master's degree in media management with a strong focus on the language of marketing messages to Hispanic audiences. 


Fisher & Quintana came together because they shared a passion for marketing. They wanted to create a company that would push the boundaries of ROI-focused marketing by providing expertise and support in lucrative markets and methods beyond the traditional.


In a story we endearingly call, "the accidental inbound marketing firm," as a company we were searching for a way to improve our own advertising and learned about inbound marketing. Using Inbound Marketing methodology on the HubSpot platform, Bridges became a HubSpot user and grew from just the two partners to a team of seven.


With inbound marketing and inbound sales methods, from 2013 to 2014 total revenues grew more than 700%. In 2015, Bridges became a HubSpot Certified Partner and began offering inbound marketing services and designing websites using Growth Driven Design methodology in English and Spanish.


In 2016, Bridges became a Silver Tier Hubspot Certified Agency Partner, and continues to beamong the fastest growing inbound marketing agencies in the United States.

What Sets Our Agency Apart?




We believe diversity contributes to our knowledge base. Every member of the team at Bridges Strategies speaks at least two languages. We all come from different backgrounds, countries and acculturation levels. This diversity enables us to create culturally relevant campaigns.



With decades of experience, the team at Bridges Strategies has worked on marketing campaigns in various industries, including: Construction, Legal, Family Entertainment & Sports Entertainment. Our team has worked for businesses of all sizes, including local shops, regional theme parks and world-renowned sports teams.



As the saying goes, "Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life." We believe one of the greatest contributing factors to our success is our passion. We love people, traditions, culture and values. Our work is all the better because of it.

Why A Digital Marketing Agency?

In short, because we know it works and we've seen how internet marketing has the best return on investment. In fact, Bridges Strategies started as a traditional media agency (TV, radio and print) and transitioned to become a digital agency because of the return we received from our investment into digital marketing. When we recommend digital marketing to our clients, it's because we have seen it work for us, firsthand.


There are 265.5 million internet users in the United States. The internet is on our desktops, in our pockets and in our hands. People are on the internet even while consuming other media such as television. While the internet is ubiquitous it is also the most complicated marketing medium. The landscape is constantly changing as technology advances and consumer online behavior adapts to the ever-changing digital offerings. 


What Qualifications Does Bridges Have To Be a Digital Marketing Agency?



Google Partners.

Google Partners is Google's program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts. Being a Google Partner gives Bridges Strategies access to exclusive events and trainings, industry research, product updates, and the Google Partners Community.


HubSpot Partners.

Bridges Strategies is a HubSpot Certified Partner and a Silver Tiered HubSpot Partner. Additionally, the HubSpot Academy offers 12 different certifications on different subjects including web design, inbound marketing, content development and more. Collectively, the team at Bridges holds every certification HubSpot has to offer.




Yext Partners.

When it comes to search engine optimization, your business listings have to be absolutely correct. By partnering with Yext, Bridges Strategies is able to ensure that your NAP (name, address & phone number) is listed on the 70+ online directories.


Talk to a digital marketing expert.


Talk to an expert about how inbound marketing and strategic website design can grow your business.

Our experts can:

white-check-mark.pngGo over marketing strategies with verifiable ROI

white-check-mark.png Evaluate your website and give you actionable suggestions

white-check-mark.png Provide a complete website audit