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25 Website must haves: #8 Using the Right Images


Images can be a powerful element to any website but you need to use them wisely. What kind of images does your website need to be successful? For example, consider stock photography. Stock images are seen everywhere because they are easily accessible and inexpensive. But are they good to use? 

Sometimes they are our only option. We are guilty of using stock photos sometimes.  I mean, the photo above is a stock photo. ;-) However...

Custom Website Images Are Better

Customized photos are better; however, if you do have to use stock images, make sure that the images you are using are relevant. Don't make these mistakes.

Custom Photos on Your Website Out-Perform Stock Photos

Marketing Experiments performed a test comparing the use of stock photography verses real imagery on a website and each of their effects on lead generation. What they found was that photos of real people out-performed the stock photos by 95%. Why? Because stock images tend to be irrelevant. 

As a result, take care to place meaningful images on your site. Every image is transmitting a subconscious message to your audience and sometimes the result is different from what might expect. I’d recommend looking into another study by Marketing Experiments “Images vs. Copy: How getting the right balance increased conversion by 29%.”

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