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Hispanic Marketing

4 Secrets To Hispanic Digital Marketing on Facebook


If you want to build a marketing campaign targeted toward Hispanic audiences, you have to adjust your strategy. Any digital marketer knows just how important an audience-focused approach is, particularly on social media networks like Facebook. But you might not know just how much adjustment you need to specifically reach this audience.

Marketing to Hispanics on Facebook

No audience is completely homogenous, and Hispanics are no different. That said, a number of best practices can help you optimize your strategy toward this demographic.

To help you get started, we're unlocking four secrets for Hispanic digital marketing on Facebook.

1) Spanish is not Always the Answer

A simple assumption to make is that Hispanics will be more likely to respond to marketing messages in Spanish. In some cases, that might be true; in fact, one study found that code-switching or Spanglish is the language able to reach most members of this audience.

However, that should not be an easy out.

Simply translating English messages, for example, can easily misinterpret nuances and lose cultural context. Meanwhile, younger second and third-generation Hispanics who learn English as their first language actually react differently. One study, for example, found that identical marketing strategies to this audience group received a higher ROI in English.

Spanish, English, or Spanglish? Ultimately, there is no simple answer. Instead, it depends on your exact audience, as well as your existing brand image and personality.

2. A/B Testing is Key to Your Success

One way to find out which language works the best also happens to hold the key to much of your other Facebook marketing efforts: A/B testing.

Systematically and continuously testing slightly varied messages against each other helps you better understand which variables your audience most responds to.

What language works best? Does your image, text, or video post perform best? Does your video need audio, or are sound effects sufficient?

A/B testing, vital in any digital marketing campaign, can help you answer these questions. In Hispanic digital marketing, it's especially beneficial because the type of content you push will greatly influence the medium of message you focus on.

3. Facebook Audience Insights are Your Best Friend

Similar to A/B testing, digital analytics are a core part of any digital marketing effort that becomes especially important for Hispanic audiences. That's because it helps you understand your audience in a way that allows your marketing to become local.

Think about the different nuances of English, a language that even when spoken in the United States, England, Australia, and Canada comes with a number of variations. They range from accents and dialects to different words, phrases, and meanings. A British person can easily have trouble understanding a Canadian or U.S. American.

Now, multiply that confusion by five. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries around the globe, and all of them speak it just a little differently. It's even more diverse than English; for instance, it contains 18 different words for popcorn.

That, in turn, leads to a crucial reiteration: there is no such thing as a homogenous Spanish market. Depending on your exact audiences, your messaging could differ significantly. Facebook Insights allows you to understand the exact demographics and geographic origin of your followers, helping you better understand how to target and build your strategy.

4. Shares are the Best Metric to Watch

We could make the argument that on Facebook, shares are the most important metric to begin with. Anyone who shares your content amplifies its reach by getting it in front of all of their own friends and followers. An unpaid message cannot spread beyond your followers without shares.

Even with a paid budget, the same metric becomes even more crucial for Hispanic audiences. In 2015, the Pew Research Center found that Latino audiences share more content on Facebook than any other ethnic group.

Every post you publish on the network should be built with that insight in mind, implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) encouraging your followers to share the post.


If you're trying to reach Hispanic audiences, Facebook is the right channel. But even once you realize that fact, you still have to make sure to get your strategy right. Through the above four steps you can establish a social media marketing campaign designed to succeed with both Spanish and English-speaking Latinos.

Of course, you might need help in building and executing that strategy. In that case, we'd love to help. Bridges Strategies is a multicultural agency with extensive experience and expertise in reaching out to Hispanic audiences. To learn more about us, and to start a potential partnership, contact us

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About the Author

Ashley Quintana, M.S., B.A.

Ashley Quintana is the co-founder and managing partner at Bridges Strategies. A graduate of Oklahoma State University's media management master's program, Ashley co-founded Bridges Strategies with a $10,000 investment. Two years later, the bootstrapped company grossed almost one million dollars and grew to a team of eight. In her role, she develops, leads and executes digital marketing strategies for the company's growing client base.