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Hispanic Marketing

Three Reasons Your Hispanic Marketing Initiative is Not Performing


There are 37 million Spanish-speakers in the United States. That is a large market of potential customers. And, if you are like many businesses and organizations, you have already, or are about to make grand efforts to serve more Spanish-dominant Latinos with a Hispanic marketing initiativeIn our experience, we see three common Hispanic Initiative errors that lead to failure.

They are:


Basing efforts around a local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

When making decisions about how to allocate time and resources to a Hispanic Initiative, your local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a natural choice. And, depending on your organization, it probably should be part of the plan.

However, it is important to understand that membership is not necessarily representative of the larger Latino community. Local Hispanic Chambers are, well... Chambers of Commerce. Membership and leadership are made up of local business owners and leaders, often with their own agendas and priorities. 

If you goal is to serve a larger Hispanic demographic, your local Hispanic Chamber should not be foundation of your initiative. 

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Expecting Too Much from Your Local Spanish-language TV, radio or newspaper 

If you are using a local Hispanic TV station, radio station or newspaper, you probably rely on them for a lot of things. They might translate your message, produce your commercials and give you advice on how to do business with Spanish-dominant Latinos. 

Our experience has been that the local Spanish-language media will go the extra mile in order to facilitate a new advertiser. However, there is only so far that they can go.

Television, radio and newspaper are volume businesses. They make money by filling commercial slots every broadcast day and printed edition. They aren't incentivized to do high quality work for you. While they often extend immense courtesy to help their advertising clients, ultimately their job is to simply fill slots with paid advertising.

Here is what they won't tell you: they don't want to do this extra work. Understandably, they would prefer to sell their commercial slots and go home.

When you rely solely on the Hispanic media outlet for everything, you are at their mercy in regards to the message, quality of production, accuracy and effectiveness of commercial copy.


EntrustING Everything to your One Bilingual Employee

You have one sharp bilingual staff member. This is a great thing! Integrating Spanish-speakers into your business or organization is critical for long-term success.

However, your one bilingual staffer, by default is in charge of and is the only person that understands what is happening with the Hispanic Initiative.

Relying on one staffer (who may be relatively junior) for so much is risky.

We recommend enlisting multiple Spanish-speakers to engage with and provide feedback on your Hispanic Initiative (much like what you would do for a project in English).

We are happy to review your business or organization's Hispanic Initiative. Book a free consultation here.

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About the Author

Jake Fisher

Jake Fisher is partner at Bridges Strategies. He specializes in inbound marketing, B2B sales and multicultural communication. He enjoys good food and bad golf. You can follow him on Twitter at @jakefisher