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5 Hispanic Marketing Segments You Need to Know

In market research, we often segment any population into distinct areas based on their shopping habits and views. The Hispanic market also...

Three Reasons Your Hispanic Marketing Initiative is Not Performing

There are 37 million Spanish-speakers in the United States. That is a large market of potential customers. And, if you are like many businesses...

What is HubSpot?

  So you've heard about HubSpot, or maybe you've downloaded one of their e-books, but what is HubSpot exactly?  Let's start with what it's...

Marketing v. Advertising: which is right for my business?

Everyone is talking about digital marketing and digital advertising, and the small business owner has every right to be confused. What is this ...

Is digital advertising really the best choice for ROI?

It is becoming harder and harder to resist the evidence that points to digital advertising as the most efficient tool to reach and convert...

Four Keys to Hiring an Oklahoma City Advertising Agency

The Oklahoma City renaissance is stunning. No longer a backwater cowtown, OKC has transformed into a dynamic community with strong job...

What to look for in a Video Production Company

If television commercials and/or online video is part of your marketing strategy, one of your hardest decisions is with whom you will partner to...