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Bridges Strategies is looking for a digital marketing intern

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8 May 2019

Bridges Strategies Named Leader on Clutch.co Once Again, This Time Internationally

In June we had the pleasure to be listed as a top Digital Marketing Agency in Oklahoma City by Clutch, thanks to our tireless commitment to our customers and their ROI. But we haven’t rested since, we are a company with a global mindset and understand the value of multicultural marketing.

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8 Oct 2018

What does a small business marketing budget look like?

All start-up founders and small business owners face countless challenges each day: securing funding, staying afloat, growing at the right pace, building a solid team. Many of them might think that marketing is a luxury best left for large companies who can afford Super Bowl ads and a fancy advertising plan with a marketing agency.

Well, they’d be wrong: no matter how small the company, there...

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22 Sep 2018

How To Do Digital Marketing for Your Law Firm

You went to law school to practice law, not to be a salesperson or a marketer. Yet, your firm is a business. Marketing and sales are necessary parts of any business.

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3 Aug 2018

Bridges Strategies featured as a leader on clutch.co

Since 2012, we have been a quickly growing digital marketing strategies firm and have found ourselves moving to the top of the industry in the last few years.

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13 Jul 2018

Lawyers, Take Note: Probate Law is the Future of Your Business

Aging baby boomers are reshaping the future of probate law. As this huge group of U.S. citizens has grown older, they’ve inched the nation toward an unfortunate new milestone: One-third of U.S. counties now have more deaths than births.

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25 Apr 2018

5 Steps to Generating More Estate Planning Clients

Estate planning clients must be wooed. They’re not coming to you in need of immediate assistance— instead, they have the time to take their time as they consider whether or not they want to work with your firm. They don't come in as quickly, and they'll require more personal attention than many of your probate clients. Marketing for estate planning clients requires some finesse.

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18 Apr 2018

Questions To Guide Your Law Firm's Marketing Strategy

In a previous article, we wrote about the importance of developing client "personas" -- detailed descriptions of the personal, financial, and demographic characteristics of your ideal client(s) -- to guide your law firm's marketing strategy. But, personas are only the starting point. Once you have constructed one or more personas describing your target clients, it's time to ask some questions...

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4 Apr 2018

3 Tips for Marketing Your Immigration Law Services

Many immigration lawyers find it hard to market themselves these days. While there may be a lot of work out there available, you also have a lot of competitors out there vying for the same clients. You need to find a way to not only reach more people, but to differentiate yourself from the other immigration law services out there. If you've found that you're struggling to do this, here are a...

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28 Mar 2018

Persona Based Marketing Can Change The Way You Look At Your Law Firm

 As a lawyer, you're well aware of the importance of timely marketing. Many people don't plan ahead to need a lawyer; instead, they discover suddenly that they're in a legal mess and need to make a decision quickly. In order to more effectively position your firm to catch the attention of potential clients, try utilizing persona-based marketing. This simple strategy can transform the way you...

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21 Mar 2018

3 Marketing Ideas for Lawyers You Haven't Already Heard


As a lawyer, it may feel as if your options for marketing your legal services are pretty limited. No doubt, you've heard the same suggestions time and again: advertise in legal directories; do a commercial; put up a billboard; or, maybe most frustratingly, win a big case and get some good free press. 

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14 Mar 2018

4 Steps to Effective Marketing for Your Law Firm

Effective marketing for law firms can often be tough, mainly because of the struggle to balance professional with personal. Law firms usually need a unique strategy that displays the lighter side of their lawyers and profession, while still communicating confidence and the right level of thought leadership.

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7 Mar 2018

The Biggest Mistake Lawyers Make When It Comes to Marketing


Law firm marketing presents some unique challenges, that much is certain. While yes, there are balances of professionalism and personality that must be addressed, there are other challenges associated with law firm marketing that can make it difficult. 

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28 Feb 2018

The Difference Between Marketing to Probate Clients and Estate Planning Clients for Your Firm

When you start marketing, you want to be sure you're targeting the right clients for your firm. Understanding the critical difference between marketing to probate clients and marketing to estate planning clients will ensure that you're able to more easily shape your marketing tactics and the services you're offering in a way that will work effectively for your business. 

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7 Feb 2018

Inbound Marketing: What is it, And Does it Work For Lawyers?

The term "inbound marketing" refers to a methodology of (mostly online) data-driven marketing activities that bring visitors into your website & business. Often this includes combining search engine optimization ("SEO"), quality content, and customer relations to generate leads. The goal of inbound marketing is to position your firm as a credible and reliable option that potential clients will...

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24 Jan 2018

The secret to successful legal marketing: online assessments

Online assessments are one of the best tools to get a legal marketing campaign off the ground. With them, you can attract leads to your site, get their contact information, and learn a few important facts about their case all at once. 

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18 Jan 2018