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What is Inbound Sales? [Free On-Demand Webinar]

Learn more about Inbound Sales and how you can implement it in your business in this free on-demand webinar. 

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19 Sep 2017

Play by Play: Identifying the Pitfall Between Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Asking "Do I need to work on my marketing or sales?" is like asking "Do I need offense or defense?" It doesn't matter which sport you choose, any fan will tell you that they're interdependent and you need more context to answer the question. 

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11 Sep 2017

5 Amazing Benefits Of Marketing to Hispanics

Marketing your product or service to Hispanics can give a nice boost to your bottom line. Not only are Hispanics a growing market segment in the United States. They currently make up 17% of the population, and that number is on the rise. This post will take a look at some of the benefits you can expect to receive by marketing specifically to this rising demographic.

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4 Sep 2017

6 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Web Designer

Anyone with a computer can claim to be a web designer, and many do. I've met many business owners who hire-in a young person to create and manage the website and social media presence. Though cost-effective, this isn't always the best choice. I have also seen instances, in which it was a great decision for the business owner. Having said that, Choose carefully who to entrust with your online...

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15 Aug 2017

4 Secrets To Hispanic Digital Marketing on Facebook

If you want to build a marketing campaign targeted toward Hispanic audiences, you have to adjust your strategy. Any digital marketer knows just how important an audience-focused approach is, particularly on social media networks like Facebook. But you might not know just how much adjustment you need to specifically reach this audience.

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25 Jul 2017

5 Things Every Successful B2B Operation Needs

When you're putting together your B2B sales plan, there are several key things that you need to know. By understanding them, you can develop a more efficient sales strategy that will enable you to connect more effectively with your customers. Ready to transform your B2B sales operation and make it more successful than ever? These five things will help set you on the right path. 

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18 Jul 2017

6 B2B Sales Tips Business Owners Need to Know

For many businesses, a better understanding of sales is critical to ensuring business success. Unfortunately, the sales process is evolving. For optimum performance, it's critical that you review your sales process. When you want to make the most possible out of your business, these six tips will help you increase your sales, connect with your contacts, and leave them a better opinion of your...

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11 Jul 2017

What Should I Expect From A Digital Marketing Program?

Especially if you are new to the concept, digital marketing can seem intimidating. You might have heard about its benefits, but what should you actually expect from a digital marketing program? How can it truly help your business generate more leads and customers, improving your bottom line?

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5 Jul 2017

Three Reasons Your Hispanic Marketing Initiative is Not Performing

There are 37 million Spanish-speakers in the United States. That is a large market of potential customers. And, if you are like many businesses and organizations, you have already, or are about to make grand efforts to serve more Spanish-dominant Latinos with a Hispanic marketing initiativeIn our experience, we see three common Hispanic Initiative errors that lead to failure.

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26 Jun 2017

5 Steps for Reaching Sales Goals With An Effective Sales Enablement Program

If you have sales and marketing challenges to overcome, then you need an effective sales enablement program. More and more companies are jumping on this bandwagon, appreciating the value that comes with syncing their company with the behavior or consumers.

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13 Jun 2017

The Top 10 Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age

If your company is not up-to-date with the latest innovations to maximize digital marketing potential, then you're living in the stone ages of advertising. Today's marketing doesn't look like it did 10 years ago, or even a few years ago.

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2 Jun 2017

Should I be using a CRM? 4 Questions to Ask

For most larger companies, it's not even a question. Because of the scale of their marketing and sales operations, they use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. In fact, businesses of all sizes are catching on, as 74% of U.S. companies now use this type of platform.

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9 May 2017

How to Set Smart Marketing KPIs for your business

Setting key performance indicators, or KPIs, is a great way to ensure that you're tracking the right marketing metrics for your business. In order to make that successful, however, you have to be sure that you're choosing the right key performance indicators. By selecting the right KPIs for your business, you can see a greater return on your marketing investment, increase your conversions, and...

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18 Apr 2017

What is HubSpot?


So you've heard about HubSpot, or maybe you've downloaded one of their e-books, but what is HubSpot exactly?  Let's start with what it's not. HubSpot is not a marketing agency, nor does it do what an advertising agency or marketing agency can do for you, like strategize, plan, write, design and place advertisements. Much to the disappointment of many people I've worked with, signing up for...

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10 Apr 2017

Your 4-Step Plan To Get New Business From Existing Clients

Your ability to transform an existing client into your most loyal client hinges upon your efforts to establish yourself as your client’s most trusted industry resource. Securing additional business from your existing clients requires you to set yourself apart from your competitors by showing your clients that you know and understand their specific needs. Through this strategy, you position...

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3 Apr 2017

The Accidental Inbound Marketing Firm

We are celebrating a big moment at Bridges Strategies: on Wednesday, HubSpot recognized us as a Silver-Tier Certified Agency Partner. While that may not seem like much to you, in our little of the world this is huge news. Andrew Tagher from HubSpot said:

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20 Feb 2017