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Pros and Cons of Advertising on Spanish Language Radio

In the digital age as advertising options proliferate through websites, search engines, social media and more, the older, traditional methods of reaching potential customers might slip from view. But for some market segments, those traditional methods retain their appeal. One strong example is reaching the Spanish-speaking community through Spanish language radio.

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28 Nov 2017

4 Steps to effectively reach to your local hispanic community

Do you feel like your business is missing out on an opportunity with the fastest-growing segment of your market? Do you feel stuck when trying to figure out how to reach your local Hispanic community?

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25 Oct 2017

5 Hispanic Marketing Segments You Need to Know

In market research, we often segment any population into distinct areas based on their shopping habits and views. The Hispanic market also requires smart segmentation, but the segmentation strategy is often different from the general market-- and may surprise you.

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11 Oct 2017

6 Best Practices for Marketing to Hispanics

With the continuing growth of the Hispanic population in the U.S., smart marketers are working to reach this market more effectively. But if you think that all you have to do to improve your reach is translate all your content and marketing materials into Spanish, think again. 

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27 Sep 2017

5 Amazing Benefits Of Marketing to Hispanics

Marketing your product or service to Hispanics can give a nice boost to your bottom line. Not only are Hispanics a growing market segment in the United States. They currently make up 17% of the population, and that number is on the rise. This post will take a look at some of the benefits you can expect to receive by marketing specifically to this rising demographic.

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4 Sep 2017

4 Secrets To Hispanic Digital Marketing on Facebook

If you want to build a marketing campaign targeted toward Hispanic audiences, you have to adjust your strategy. Any digital marketer knows just how important an audience-focused approach is, particularly on social media networks like Facebook. But you might not know just how much adjustment you need to specifically reach this audience.

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25 Jul 2017

Three Reasons Your Hispanic Marketing Initiative is Not Performing

There are 37 million Spanish-speakers in the United States. That is a large market of potential customers. And, if you are like many businesses and organizations, you have already, or are about to make grand efforts to serve more Spanish-dominant Latinos with a Hispanic marketing initiativeIn our experience, we see three common Hispanic Initiative errors that lead to failure.

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26 Jun 2017

before the energy & el rayo, club américa ruled okc soccer

The OKC Soccer War is on. The incumbent OKC Energy completed the franchise's second season with a playoff run ending in the USL Western Conference Finals. The challenger, El Rayo OKC, is scheduled to begin play in April as a member of the North American Soccer League (NASL). 

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31 Dec 2015

Increasing the Latino Vote with a Non-Profit

Voting is the most fundamental exercise of political power. Every month, roughly 50,000 Latinos in the United States reach the age of eighteen and become eligible to vote. Yet, many of these young Americans are unfamiliar with the voting process. While Latinos make up 10.1% of eligible voters, they comprised only 7% of the total active electorate in 2010.

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7 Oct 2015

3 Great Reasons You Should Be Marketing to Latinos

Hispanics and Latinos are the fastest growing demographic group in the United States, and, at 17 percent of the total U.S. population, they are the country’s largest minority group. The number of advertisements and promotions that specifically target Hispanic American consumers, however, is far less than 17 percent of all advertisements.  By failing to market their products to Hispanic and...

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6 Aug 2015

The Microeconomics of a Mexican Immigrant in Oklahoma

Originally written March 13th, 2011. 

One afternoon after work I was hanging out with my new friends, Javier and his "cousins," at their south side Oklahoma City apartment.  By that time I suspected that most, if not all, of the guys were unauthorized immigrants.  All sent money back home to family.

I was intensely curious about the economics of the situation. How could it be worth it for a...

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3 Aug 2015

Seven Ways that Immigrants Support the US Economy

America is a nation of immigrants. Immigration plays a big role in supporting and growing the U.S. economy. 

Here are seven specific ways that immigration helps the U.S. economy:

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30 Jul 2015

Hispanic Marketing: MundoFox is No More

MundoFox is no more. The network, now fully owned by Colombia’s RCN Televisión, has switched names to MundoMax and is no longer affiliated with Fox. 

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29 Jul 2015

Retail & CPG Companies Seeing Direct ROI on Hispanic Advertising

According to a new report from the AHAA, retail marketers and consumer packaged goods are seeing a direct correlation between Hispanic advertising and revenue growth

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29 Jul 2015

Bush to Telemundo: We Speak Spanish When My Wife is Mad at Me

 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush gave a Spanish-speaking interview on Monday with Telemundo’s José Díaz-Balart. The interviewed touched on Latino influence on his own family life, thoughts about recent diplomatic detente with Cuba and comprehensive immigration reform. 

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28 Jul 2015

Hispanic Marketing: Over Half of Young Catholic Couples Are Latino

More than half of young Catholic couples recently surveyed are Latino. According to the report, released by Holy Cross Family Ministries, 54% of the Catholic couples between the ages of 25 and 54 self identified as Hispanic or Latino. 

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28 Jul 2015