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4 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Law Firm's Website

Having a good website for your law firm is only the first part of using it to obtain new clients. Whether you are a solo practitioner or the site administrator for a large firm, there are things that you should be doing in order to maximize the value you derive from your website. Here are 4 important things that you should be doing.

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2 Jan 2018

9 Things Your Law Firm's Website Should Have

Fifteen years ago, merely having a website was enough to give your law firm an edge over the competition. However, those days are gone, and for today's law firms, it is no longer enough to just have a website. Here are nine things that your law firm's website must have if you are going to compete in today's online marketplace.

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27 Dec 2017

6 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Web Designer

Anyone with a computer can claim to be a web designer, and many do. I've met many business owners who hire-in a young person to create and manage the website and social media presence. Though cost-effective, this isn't always the best choice. I have also seen instances, in which it was a great decision for the business owner. Having said that, Choose carefully who to entrust with your online...

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15 Aug 2017

Why Web Developers Sometimes Make the Worst Websites!

This may be news to you, but web development and web design are very different things. Here's why web developers sometimes make the worst websites. 

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16 Dec 2016

4 Steps to Writing Content that Converts

Creating content that converts doesn’t happen by chance, and simply creating content for the sake of content isn’t very smart. There are many aspects that go into the creation and maintenance of a successful website, and having a good copywriter that creates amazing writing is just of these things. Of course, website copywriting is ultimately how you will retain your viewership, but unless it...

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13 Dec 2016

What's the Greatest SEO Mistake?

If you have a business website, you must have heard about SEO and how it is the holy grail of internet marketing for online businesses: if a potential customer is searching for your product, you want your website to be the first one to appear on their screen, and this is achieved through good SEO. Google can be your company’s best friend or worst enemy, depending on your keyword research, seo...

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2 Nov 2016

3 Reasons You May Need a Website Redesign

Have you thought about giving your website a facelift? Perhaps you envision a flat, web 2.0, icon-rich website, because it’s in style right now and you want to have the best website design. Instead your website boasts some embossed buttons and Comic Sans. Yes, your website may indeed be stuck in the 90s, and you want a website redesign. But other than updating the look on your website, why...

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29 Aug 2016

Would you rather: an ugly website or a bad website?

Let’s play a quick game of “Would you Rather?”

Would you rather have an ugly website or a bad website? The two are not synonymous. Would you rather invest in a trendy and good looking creative website or a website that generates leads?

Seems like a rather obvious game of “Would you Rather?”, but all too often I’ve seen marketing managers and business owners prioritize fancy graphics and...

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20 Jul 2016

25 Website must haves: #8 Using the Right Images

Images can be a powerful element to any website but you need to use them wisely. What kind of images does your website need to be successful? For example, consider stock photography. Stock images are seen everywhere because they are easily accessible and inexpensive. But are they good to use? 

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5 Jul 2016

3 Ways Website Marketing Can Make You More Money

There is a Joe Chernov quote we live by here at Bridges: "Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart." The optimal use of your website will bring in sales by appealing to your customers’ smarts and common sense, making you money in a seemingly effortless way.

Note we said “seemingly”. There is a lot of effort involved, but the ROI is absolutely...

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21 Jun 2016

25 Website 'Must Haves' for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales

We all know how important a website is to a business’s online strategy. Almost every business, whether B2B, B2C, non-profit, local or global needs an online presence to reach buyers in the internet age. A company’s website is its virtual storefront.

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15 Jun 2016

You are throwing away money by treating your website like an office building

A website is not an office building. This seems a fairly obvious statement, yet the majority of business websites are envisioned, developed, designed and used as if they were made out of brick and mortar.

The conventional web development process is just like making an office building:

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1 Jun 2016

Does my website have any legal requirements?

For anyone with a little Internet know-how, creating a basic, one-page website can take as little as 30 minutes. Upload your logo, photos and some info, and voila! You are ready to start making money on the Internet!

However, many people are unaware that there are certain legal requirements for websites that conduct business online, and that you could get in trouble for not meeting website...

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4 May 2016

How do Growth Driven Designed websites work?

If your business still doesn’t have a website, odds are that it is because you do not feel ready for the financial commitment - websites are usually expensive, and complicated, and involve lots of meeting with designers and programmers and people who talk in acronyms and techy jargon, and usually a pretty hefty upfront payment. Understandably, you don’t feel like investing major cash on an...

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26 Apr 2016

Boost your business through web design

Even the most hardened, old-school business people will have to agree that a website is an absolute must for any company: among other things it gives you 24/7 representation, allows you to interact with customers more directly and even sells your product or service while you're asleep. 

Do you have a website yet? Have you looked into web design? Is it very daunting?

Of course it is. Let us...

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18 Apr 2016