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We do digital marketing for roofing & construction contractors to even out your year.

An inbound marketing program will generate exclusive leads for your roofing & construction business. We use a three pronged approach to: maximize roofing opportunities during peak times, even out the slow times with exterior projects and manage your reputation year round.

Anyone working in the industry for an amount of time knows that roofing and construction can be one of the most seasonal and streaky businesses. Weather dictates demand. It is either feast or famine. We want to change that.


Our inbound marketing programs for roofing & construction contractors aim are different from other lead generation services. Here's how:


Leads are exclusive to you & are not shared with your competitors or sold to the highest bidder.

All work is done on your website. You own it and can keep using it, even if we stop working together.


You pay one flat fee for all your marketing, even if you receive more leads than we estimated.


An inbound marketing program like this one generated over 600 leads in 12 months for one roofing & construction company & cost 50% of their former Yellow Pages budget.


"We love Bridges Strategies because they not only doubled our leads, but they have also made my life so much easier. Our inbound marketing program from Bridges helps us keep our salespeople accountable and our customers happy."

Maximize Roofing Opportunities
During Peak Times


During the feast times we maximize opportunities by driving more potential customers to your website using search engine optimization, directory audits/monitoring, social media advertising, digital advertising and search engine marketing.

We make sure that your website is simple and intuitive so that a visitor can move through the sales funnel.

Even Out the Slow Times 
with Exterior Projects


Let’s face it, when the roofing business is slow, it can be painful. That is why our roofing & marketing programs use inbound marketing principles to generate leads for exterior projects that don’t rely on weather trends.  

We attract these customers with the information that they are looking for. Then we convert them into leads with valuable content offers. Finally, we nurture those leads with emails and social media, delivering to your salespeople a lead that is ready to be sold.

Manage Your Reputation


It doesn’t matter how clever your marketing is if you have a ton of bad online reviews. Much like our physical health, prevention is much easier that treatment after-the-fact regarding the health of our business reputation.

We catch disgruntled customers before they leave that scathing review. And, it encourages happy customers to write good reviews.

Learn how you can implement this three-pronged approach to maximize opportunities, even out the year and manage your reputation with our free e-book: The Marketing Playbook for Roofing & Construction.

How does inbound marketing work?

There's no secret recipe for success. It's all hard work. But as you know, the load can be lightened and the path made shorter, when you're working with the right people.

Inbound marketing is a methodology that we use to attract strangers and turn them into customers. It's about creating quality content that can pull your ideal customer toward you.

It's not disruptive. It's permission based. What's exceptionally great about inbound marketing is that it produces a higher quality of leads and has amazing ROI, especially compared to traditional outbound marketing methods. 

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