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Profiles: Ashley Quintana

Co-founder of Bridges Strategies

ashley-web-150x150.jpgWho is Ashley Quintana?

Ashley Quintana co-foundeBridges Strategies, formerly Bridges Advertising, in 2012. 

Before co-founding Bridges, she worked as a media manager for a privately held company, a creative director for a public relations firm and a freelance graphic designer.


  • Board member for Cathedral of Worship, a bilingual church in Oklahoma City
  • Guest lectures at her alma mater, Oklahoma State University


Ashley has a B.A. in Mass Communication and an M.S. in Media Management. She has attended:

  • Southern Nazarene University
  • Oklahoma State University

Fun Stuff

"In my free time I enjoy gardening, cooking and spending time with family." - Ashley Quintana 


InboundCert-NoShadow_35px.png Inbound Marketing Certified

InboundSaleslCert-NoShadow_35px.png Inbound Sales Certified

HubSpotCert-NoShadow_35px.png HubSpot Certified

PartnerCert-NoShadow_35px.png Partner Certified

EmailCert-NoShadow_35px.png E-mail Marketing Certified

GDDCert-NoShadow_35px.png Growth Driven Design Certified

DesignCert-NoShadow_35px.png Design Certified

COMCert-NoShadow_35px.png Contextual Marketing Certified

Connect with Ashley

 "I love connecting with old friends as much as making new ones." - Ashley Quintana