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What do marketing strategists do? 

We research. We plan. We optimize. We learn. We make mistakes. We grow.

Here's What We Do for Our Clients

Bridges Strategies partners with its clients to carry out a holistic marketing strategy.
We offer inbound marketing, website design and development, traffic & lead generation and multicultural marketing.





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Here's How We Do It 







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  Before Bridges Strategies partners with a client, we get to know your needs, your challenges, your goals and your timeline to achieve them. We give you a free marketing assessment. The goal of these assessments is firstly to provide you with some actionable tips. Second, both you and Bridges Strategies are trying to find out if we can help. If we discover that we are a good fit, we'll put together a proposal for you; but even if we're unable to help you, we'll be happy to refer you to someone who can. The average proposal is a 12 month commitment with a monthly investment of $3,000 to $8,000. Once signed, consider Bridges Strategies your marketing department, an extension of your team. From there, the hard work begins as we build a lead generation machine by driving traffic to your website, capturing leads and converting them to customers. 

Here's Why We Do It


1. We do inbound marketing because it works. We know this from personal experience.

Bridges Strategies started in 2012 as Bridges Advertising, an advertising agency in Oklahoma City that could do work equally well in Spanish and in English. In our sales efforts, we learned about inbound marketing and how effective it could be for B2B sales. Bridges Advertising began using Inbound Marketing methodology in 2013 and grew from just the two partners to a team of seven. Total revenues grew more than 700% from 2013 to 2014. In 2015 Bridges became a HubSpot Certified Partner and began offering Inbound Marketing and websites built using Growth Driven Design in English and Spanish. Bridges is among the fastest growing Inbound Marketing agencies in the United States.  Read more about our inbound marketing success story by clicking here.


2. We do inbound marketing because we're passionate about data and numbers. We're geeks.

Bridges co-founder Jake Fisher will tell you: "Inbound marketing is the easiest product I've ever sold." Coming from a former radio sales manager, that's saying a lot. In business, nothing matters more than the bottom line. Inbound marketing is an easy sell for Jake because contrary to selling air-time, inbound marketing has visible ROI. We have data that shows where the investment is going and we enjoy being the geeks behind the scenes who analyze and optimize for the best bottom line.


3. We do inbound marketing because we're tech-loving marketers who want to be on the cutting edge of our craft.

The internet has changed the way we make decisions forever. Ever since Yahoo! in 1990, and the .com boom, we knew it was here to stay. The Internet has changed the way we research, learn and ultimately make purchase decisions. Everyone in the Bridges office is a tech-lover and a passionate marketer. Our Slack conversations feature Giphys and Spotify playlists. We know marketing is evolving and we want to be a part of the transformation. In fact, Bridges is one of the first inbound marketing agencies in Oklahoma City.

You wouldn't be here if marketing was easy, but we're here to help.

Talk to an expert about how inbound marketing and strategic website design can grow your business.