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Business Listing Management


We build high visibility so your listings are always seen and successful.

Is your business being found online?

You’re online. But are people finding you? Business listing management is about getting found - having the highest visibility in every lucrative channel for your company. 

Icon-green-verified-checkbox-symbolSocial listings: Are you part of the conversation?
Icon-green-verified-checkbox-symbolDirectories: Is everything accurate?
Icon-green-verified-checkbox-symbolSEO scores: How high is your rank?
Icon-green-verified-checkbox-symbolReviews: Do you have a stellar reputation?


Use our search locator now to reveal the accuracy of your listings.

Our search locator tool scans 70+ online directories and shows how you look to your customers, and whether your listing information is as fresh as it should be.  

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Visibility Strategies




Directory Listing

Directory Listings

The best directory listings are compelling, up-to-date, and easily found by your target audience. We’ll polish up all your online listings so they’re accurate and eye-catching. Remember: There are 70+ directories where you need high visibility.

Social Media (1)

Social Media Listings

How are your listings on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn? If they’re not maintained consistently, they’ll lose their ranking on these complex social platforms. Don’t worry, we’ll help you keep it all under control.


NAP Citation

NAP Citations

NAP stands for name, address, phone number - the critical information that helps you maintain great SEO. We know how to keep your NAP data highly-ranked with Google and all the other sites that source it.

Review Management

Review Management

Chatter matters. Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth referrals, and what people say in your reviews can make or break your business. We know how to maximize positive reviews and prevent negativity from tarnishing your reputation.


Need some help with your business listings?

Fill out the form to schedule a time to meet with us, no strings attached.You shouldn't have to spend time keeping your business listings up to date. That's our specialty. We'll analyze all your listings, form social media to online directories, and whip them right into shape. 


Fill out the form to request a quick, no-strings-attached review of your online listings.