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Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the high-level set of rules that directs all of your marketing activities. Creating a marketing strategy is the most efficient way to get the most out of your marketing budget and your time.

Is your business in need of direction?


If you’re not sure how to create a marketing strategy, trust us— you’re not alone. All too often, businesses get hung up on the process of planning out an in-depth strategy that will best use their time and money and give up the idea of creating a strategy altogether.


At Bridges, we take pride in our ability to help companies create— and implement— a marketing strategy that will take them to the next level. (We love strategy so much we even put it in our name!)


With our guidance, you’ll find that planning your marketing strategy isn’t something to fear, but rather an important process that will streamline your marketing activities, focusing on your strengths and shoring up your weaknesses.

What does your marketing strategy need?


 Smart Goals Personas Sales Funnel  Content Marketing

Smart Goals


When we talk about SMART goals, we’re not talking about the intelligence of the goals you set. Instead, it’s an acronym that stands for:
S— Specific
M— Measurable
A— Achievable
R— Relevant
T— Timely
When you focus on SMART goals, you’re more likely to achieve them.




Creating personas, or representations of your prospective customers, is a way to personalize your marketing. When you’ve got as much information about potential customers as you can get— including demographics, career, goals, interests, and pain points— you’re able to tailor your marketing to ensure that you’re as close to individualizing your marketing message as you can get.



Sales FunnelGraphic-sales-funnel-1

A sales funnel is simply the process that your customers go through— from their introduction to you to their purchase. The top of the funnel is the awareness level. It encompasses everyone who becomes aware of your product or service. The middle of the funnel is interest; at this point, the prospects know who you are and they’re interested in hearing what you have to say. At the bottom of the funnel is the decision phase, where the prospect decides that they need what you offer, and then the action phase, in which the prospective customer becomes a customer outright. Understanding where your prospect sits within the sales funnel will impact how you interact with them. If you treat someone at the awareness stage like they’re at the decision stage, you’re going to scare them away!



Image-Circle-how-does-it-work-circleContent Marketing

Basically, content marketing is a marketing technique that revolves around creating and distributing content that’s both valuable and relevant to clients (both current and prospective). This content is intended to attract and then acquire a particular audience—  based on your personas— with the intent of encouraging them to take action. This content can come in the form of blog posts, ebooks, checklists, or guides, and the most important thing to keep in mind is to make it valuable. Create content that addresses your prospects’ pain points, and you’re more likely to capture— and keep— their attention.


What does an inbound marketing campaign need?

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How does Bridges develop a marketing strategy?

Research and Analysis
Define Personas
Outline SMART Goals
Develop a Plan
Adjust as Necessary


We rely upon our years of experience to develop a custom-made marketing strategy for our clients. How do we do it?


graphic-one Research and Analysis– We know the questions to ask to get the information we need to tailor your business’s marketing strategy. We do our homework so your strategy will succeed.


graphic-two Define Personas— We work with you to develop your business’s personas. Who are your customers? What are their pain points? What do they do? Where do they live? We get the answers so you know how to personalize your strategy.


graphic-three Outline SMART Goals— We’ll help you create SMART goals that are actually attainable and that will push your marketing program toward greater success.


graphic-four Develop a Plan— Using all of the tools and information at our disposal, we’ll sit down with you and create a marketing strategy. Here’s the good news– you’ll have our experience and know-how on your team. This significantly reduces the intimidation factor.


graphic-five Adjust as Necessary— A truly great marketing strategy is agile. In other words, if something isn’t working out, we go back to the drawing board to think about what would be a better fit. Never stay committed to a less-than-successful strategy simply because it’s what you agreed to do.



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